Light design

Lighting Design by Green Power

Green Power offers lighting design capabilities to our clients.  This provides them with comfort that the lighting solution proposed will actually meet their requirements before they approve a lighting upgrade project proposal.  In addition, when required, we can install a mock-up to demonstrate the physical properties of the proposed lighting solution. Whether working in industrial cold rooms, office blocks, outdoor parking lots or within the bounds of a retail environment, lighting design is crucial to ensure that we have the optimal mix of luminaires to meet our client’s requirements.

Lighting design heatmapOur team will work hand-in-hand with clients to establish requirements such as illuminance, glare, mood of the space, emphasis points, etc. This, along with the physical characteristics of the property (type of roof, mounting heights, mounting structure, etc.) will determine the parameters within which the design work will need to take place, and more often than not, will affect the selection of lighting products for the project.

Utilising only quality luminaires that are “fit-for-purpose”, without favouring any particular supplier, means that the design that is implemented will stand the test of time in that space.