About Us

Our Story

We have been involved in the energy optimization industry for over a decade. In 2014 we decided to focus on lighting because LED had become financially viable as a technology.  More recently, in 2020, we included energy storage solutions because they improve the functionality of investment in renewable energy generation.

We are not engineers. We are not electrical contractors. We are project developers that are passionate about energy related solutions that increase the profitability of our clients and improve the sustainability of our planet.

We have developed excellent relationships with the top global manufacturers of LED lighting products. As LED lighting becomes more technologically sophisticated, only specialist lighting companies will be able to ensure that you don’t make a mistake when deciding how to upgrade the lighting in your facility.  We have also developed relationships with leading storage technology manufacturers, specifically in the long duration field.

About Green Power

Green Power is focused on providing corporate clients with energy related solutions in the following areas:

  • Energy efficient LED lighting;
  • Advisory Services regarding lighting solutions, tender management and project delivery;
  • Technology solutions linked to lighting and IoT;
  • Energy storage solutions linked to PV plants;
  • Energy metering with monthly reporting and Quality of Supply surveys.

Focus areas include regional shopping centers, industrial warehouses, cold storage facilities, offices and health/frail care facilities.