Commercial Lighting

Energy efficient lighting is a good investment

Energy efficient lighting is an extremely good investment for businesses in South Africa at the moment. Green Power has been able to deliver large complex projects with payback periods that are often below 2 years. Never before has it been more financially compelling and easier to go the energy-efficient route.

Green Power supplies high quality products and offers turnkey lighting solutions for corporate clients. Projects completed include supplying both retrofit lamps and new light fittings for office blocks, parking areas in shopping centres, cove and other lighting for the common areas in shopping malls, warehouse lighting and outside flood lighting.

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The business benefits from installing new energy efficient lights are clear:

  1. You can often retrofit new lamps into your existing light fittings. This means that you do not need to replace the existing fixtures which reduces both the project costs and implementation times.
  2. New light fitting are becoming cost competitive with retrofit solutions. Thus old fitting can be replaced with modern fittings which improves the aesthetic appeal of the new lights and may also extend the life of the lamps.
  3. Even without the Eskom rebate program (which is on hold and may be discontinued in 2014) the return on investment can be is very attractive.
  4. New lighting technologies often deliver significantly extended lamp life spans which will reduce maintenance costs as the lamps have to be replaced less often.
  5. Lux levels can often be improved for specialist applications – retail, food services, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer energy efficient lights for home owners