Serviced Light

Serviced Light
We help our clients reduce their operating costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Green Power will upgrade the lighting at no cost to the user and thereafter assume full responsibility for the lighting within the facility for the duration of the Subscription Agreement. This will include regular walk throughs with facilities managers, pro-active maintenance, dealing with product suppliers when there are lighting failures, etc. The period of the SLA will generally range between 3 or 5 years, depending upon client requirements.

At your request, we can install measurement and verification equipment to prove your energy savings. If the annual savings are not achieved, then we will pay you the difference.
If a light fixture fails for any reason, we are responsible for its replacement — no questions asked.
Your monthly service fee is determined by your specific lighting requirements (light levels, operating hours, industry specific requirements). You can get a pricing estimate by just putting the information into the table above.
This is not a lease, nor is it financed lighting. There are absolutely no interest charges embedded in our service fees and our offering is completely off-balance sheet for your company.  As a result, it won’t impact your relationship with your current lenders.
We get paid through a monthly subscription charge. Most of our clients find that their monthly savings on their electricity bill more than covers the cost of their subscription. Payment commences one month after your installation is complete. Our service agreements range from three to five years, depending on your business requirements.
With our Serviced Light model, you get light by monthly subscription.  We look after all your “light” requirements for 3 or 5 years without impacting your cash.  There is no financial risk and no project management or maintenance hassles.  This means that lighting can be upgraded “off-balance sheet” because we fund it. Want to know if this is really worthwhile?  Complete the following online and you can decide if you want to give us a call.
Wattage of existing lights 400
How many 100
Average burn cycle per day 24
Serviced light period (years) 3
Energy cost per kWh 1.25
Operating cost saving per month (estimate) 19,800
Subscription per month (estimate) 13,889
Our Project Office will ensure that this entire process is handled with minimal hassle and limited, if any, interruption to your business. In the end, your building is transformed, without you having to put money down. Brighter, safer and more productive… and no maintenance during the contract period.