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We believe strongly that we are part of a broader community that extends beyond our personnel, clients and suppliers. As such, we look for opportunities to positively impact that “broader community” with the human and capital resources that are available to us. Being an SME, we need to leverage the multiplier effect of our efforts in this regard. Consequently, we look to assist organisations that, in turn, provide assistance to those parts of our community that are not only in greatest need of assistance, but that also have an impact on our collective future. We have chosen to support Cotlands and Hearts of Hope.

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Letter from Cotlands acknowledging the work done

Cotlands is a national non-profit organisation offering integrated early childhood development programmes that provide care, support and development opportunities to vulnerable young children and their families. More information about Cotlands can be found at

The organisation operates from a facility in southern Johannesburg that was built many years ago.  As part of the energy optimisation assessment it was agreed that the lighting fixtures within the facility would be upgraded to achieve both energy savings and significantly improved light levels.  Given the size of the facility, this project will be executed in a series of sub-projects over a 12-18 month period. The first phase was completed in July 2014.

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Anthony and crew working on Hearts Of Hope replacement geyser

Hearts of Hope provides a caring environment for orphaned and vulnerable children within both its home and the local community, specifically for child-headed households. More information about Hearts of Hope can be found at

Anthony Burns, Director at Green Power and other members of the Green Power team answered the call from Hearts of Hope Children’s Home after one of their existing hot water cylinders failed.

Green Power had already been in discussions with Hearts of Hope regarding energy saving initiatives at the home as part of Green Power’s corporate and social responsibility. However the failure of the existing hot water cylinder added some urgency to matters.

The hot water cylinder swop out is the first step in a larger picture which will involve metering the energy consumption of the children’s home to establish areas where interventions will bear the most fruit. Metering is also vital in order to establish a baseline and judge the success of the changes made.

After the results of the metering are ascertained certain interventions will be proposed and implemented. These will in all likelihood involve energy efficient water heating and lighting solutions which form part of Green Power’s key areas of expertise.

Further updates will be posted as the project progresses.