Why do I need meter data before getting a PV system?

  • Posted by Ross Matthews
  • On 2023-09-19
  • load profile, metering electricity, peak demand

Before progressing down the path of getting quotes for a PV system, you should collect accurate, granular data about how you consume electricity.  This information should be collected over a period of time so that you can determine daily, weekly and seasonal trends for both power & energy. It will also assist you in identifying any anomalies that may require further investigation.  You will then have your (seasonal?) average weekday and weekend load profiles, peak demand and base (consistent minimum) load.

Metered data allows you to:

  • size the PV or PV+BESS system appropriately so that you actually get what you plan to get from the system;
  • complete preliminary system design with a basic Bill of Materials;
  • complete a feasibility study to ensure that you will meet the minimum requirements to deploy capital; and
  • provide accurate information to participants in the RFQ/RFP process so that their responses have few if any assumptions and are comparable.

Oversizing inverters and batteries is very expensive and will depress ROI. Under-sizing this equipment may cause it to trip and be damaged and will also frustrate stakeholders when anticipated benefits are not realised.

We have metering equipment that can provide this information.  We can also work with you through the process of system design, PV engineering, developing the RFQ/RFP and identify appropriate participants for such a process.  


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