Growing Cannabis? Get the lighting right to maximise growth, yield and potency

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A grower’s financial performance is a function of crop yield and potency.

Following strain selection, the grower’s financial success becomes a function of managing/optimising each of the following parameters:

  • Lighting – Supplemental lighting will increase number of harvests as well as yield and potency of crop.
  • Nutrition – Appropriate nutritional and the availability for uptake has a fundamental impact on crop performance.
  • Humidity – Reduce humidity to reduce risk of fungal growth within the greenhouse.
  • CO2 – Increase CO2 levels to accelerate photosynthesis activity for improved root development and plant growth.
  • Temperature – Optimal temperature for the plant is impacted by heat generated by traditional lighting technologies which requires increased distance from the canopy and increased load on cooling equipment

Plant light requirements:

  • Daily Light Integral – total amount of photosynthetic light (380nm-740nm) delivered to plants each day
  • DLI is measured in moles of light per day i.e., Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD)
  • The DLI impacts both:
    • Yield per plant; and
    • Potency of the yield.
cannabis lighting what you need to know

Cannabis light requirements:

DLI during:

  • Veg phase : 25-45 (delivered over 18 hours)
  • Flower phase : 30-40 (delivered over 12 hours)

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