Solar (PV) Energy

Solar (PV) energy
We help our clients reduce their operating costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

South Africa has some of the best solar energy resources in the world.  Whilst grid-energy availability in South Africa is severely compromised by the political, financial and operational challenges faced by Eskom, the costs of solar energy plant and equipment has been steadily decreasing with the result that it is now a financially viable, environmentally responsible source of energy.

Whilst we have focused on the Commercial and Industrial sectors, we can also provide systems for residential clients.  Since 2022, we sold and installed a number of solar PV systems (Hybrid & Grid-tie) with the largest being a 250kWp, 427kWh Hybrid system installed in uMhlanga, Durban, and the smaller being a 130kWp Grid-tie system installed at Alrode, Johannesburg.

The process that we follow in developing a new Solar project is as follows: