EPC’s – what are they good for?

  • Posted by Ross Matthews
  • On 2022-11-08

What’s the point?

To understand the energy efficiency of the built environment;

To increase awareness of how, where and when energy is consumed; and

To encourage adoption of energy efficient equipment and improve the way we use energy.

Why do we need to do this?

Currently Eskom is only able to reliably supply 20-26GW against average daily demand of 30-34GW (though the theoretical nameplate of plant is over 40GW). The demand “shortfall” is supplied by old and underperforming coal power stations.  And there’s more…..10GW of existing generation capacity will be decommissioned by 2030.  We need to reduce demand in order to keep the lights on over the next 3-5 years.

So who needs an EPC?

Owners of buildings older than 2 years that have not had major renovations in the last 2 years provided that they are:

  • Privately owned buildings bigger than 2,000sqm;
  • Publicly owned buildings bigger than 1,000sqm;

Used for:

  1. Entertainment & public assembly;
  2. Theatrical & indoor sport;
  3. Place of instruction i.e., school or university; or
  4. Offices.

What’s the process?

Approve indicative quote

Appoint Green Power

Provide the documents – building plans, title deeds, occupation certificate, energy bills for the last 12 months, details on other sources of energy (generators, PV, etc)

Site visit and walk through

Assessment and discussion of indicative grading

Provision of all documents to SANAS accredited IB/technical signatory

Issue EPC and display at building entrance

Rinse and repeat every 5 years!


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