Energy Measurement and Monitoring

You can only manage what you can measure

We live in a severely energy-constrained society. To allow our economy to grow, we need to reduce the energy intensity of our economy. If we are successful in this, our economy can grow and jobs can be created within the existing electricity generation constraints.

When you are able to measure electrical usage in real time, you are able to deliver rapid responses to electrical usage anomalies for example equipment left running (air conditioners, ovens, lights, etc.) This is where real RAND savings are delivered quickly and so improving the bottom line of any size of business no matter the industry.


Metering energy consumption provides building owners and operators with data that can be used for:

  • Verification of utility bills
  • Comparison of utility rates
  • Proper allocation of costs between divisions/business units or reimbursable tenant costs
  • Improved peak demand management
  • Measurement and verification of the actual performance of an energy project or energy related capex program
  • Benchmarking energy use profile for a building/type of building
  • Identifying operational efficiency improvement opportunities and retrofit project opportunities
  • Facilitate rapid response to anomalies – water leaks, etc
  • Usage reporting and tracking in support of establishing and monitoring utility budgets and costs, and in developing annual agency energy reports.