Case Studies


Freightmax - Internal & External Lighting Solution

Green Power upgraded the internal HID lights, as well as the external security flood lights at the facility. Achieving Occupational Health and Safety Act prescribed minimum light levels, while delivering energy savings were the parameters within which this project was developed and executed.

Fittings changed: 429

Energy Saved: 433,319 kWh

Demand Reduction: 84 kVa

Lighting Energy Usage Reduction
Light Level Improvement

Cold Logistics

Imperial Cold Storage - Internal Lighting

Green Power was contracted to design, supply and implement the lighting and related electrical infrastructure for the largest cold storage facility in Africa. Mobile racking with automated lighting control integration was included in the project scope.

High Output High Bays Installed: 782

Demand reduction: 198  kVa

Lighting Energy Reduction (Exercise Against Traditional Light Sources)

Food Processing

Local Food Processing Facility Lighting

The food processing client undertook the overhaul of one of their processing plants. Included in this lighting upgrade project was the implementation of a lighting solution that achieved Occupational Health and Safety prescribed minimum light levels, adhered to food safety requirements and delivered energy savings for the facility. Phase 3 is ongoing.

Light Levels Achieved: 300 lux average, with high level of uniformity

Energy Saved: 105,045 kWh

Lighting Energy Usage Reduction


Shopping Centre New Retail Court & Store Lighting

Green Power was tasked with the design, supply and implementation of a lighting solution for the mall’s new retail court. The requirement was to achieve Occupational Health and Safety Act prescribed minimum light levels in the common area whilst also improving the CRI and lighting uniformity inside 5 independent stores.

Project complexity was exacerbated by having to work with multiple interior designers, project management teams and consultants. Green Power successfully satisfied all client requirements.

Fittings changed: 380

Light Levels Achieved: 300 lux average in common areas

350-750 lux average in stores according to spec

Demand Reduction: 32 kVa

Lighting Energy Usage Reduction
Light Level Improvement