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Our Story

Green Power was formed in 2008 to provide solar geyser solutions to residential clients.  In 2013 we refocused on the Commercial and Industrial sectors to provide lighting solutions when LED lighting technologies eventually became financially viable.  We have upgraded the lighting in many of the country’s large shopping centres since then, which has had a significant impact on the energy consumed within these facilities.

In 2019, we added smart energy metering, solar (PV) energy solutions and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) to the mix to round out the often inter-related “energy” related product and service offerings.   For example, the energy meters collect load profile data that is used to size the PV system and confirm the energy savings from the lighting upgrade project and finally the EPC for the building determines the energy grading of the building.

We are constantly looking for energy-related solutions that meet our client’s evolving needs.

About Green Power

Green Power is focused on building TRUST with clients.