Green Power provides corporate clients with energy related solutions.

Solar (PV) Energy

Renewable energy generation is now financially feasible and environmentally responsible.

Lighting upgrade project development

From the audit to design, sourcing, installation and hand over.

Advisory Services

Advice on upgrade projects, technical and IoT developments within the lighting industry.

Energy Metering

Understand your current and prospective energy profiles with energy and water meters.

Energy Storage Solutions

Let’s make the investment in your PV plant more effective by shifting the load to when you need it most.

Latest Articles

Why do I need meter data before getting a PV system?

  • Posted by Ross Matthews
  • On 2023-09-19

Before progressing down the path of getting quotes for a PV system, you should collect accurate, granular data about...

  • load profile, metering electricity, peak demand

How do you size a PV plant?

  • Posted by Ross Matthews
  • On 2022-12-23

If you have sufficient roof and/or ground space available, your PV plant should be sized to meet your maximum...

Will a PV power plant save you from load shedding?

  • Posted by Ross Matthews
  • On 2022-12-22

As with most things, the answer is Yes…..and No.  Or rather, It depends. Generally, there are two setups for...

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